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For many timely and useful tips concerning keeping your home's crawl space or attic clean or decontaminated, just scroll down below. You'll find many ideas, solutions, and suggestions from our team of experts to help you solve practically any question or concern about your attic.

Check for indications of animals in your crawl space

Animals will happily make themselves at home in your crawl space thanks to it being a dark area for them to hide in, but that's bad news for you. They'll wreck your insulation to use for nesting, may chew through cables that are kept down there, and their waste carries diseases that can make their way up into your home. Looking into your crawl space periodically to look for droppings or gnawing is a good step to keeping your home safer.

Note temperature fluctuations

Have you noticed that certain rooms in your home seem to struggle to warm up in the winter or cool down in the summer? If your household's temperature seems to be unreliable, you may have a larger issue that needs to be dealt with. It could be faulty insulation that's been damaged and needs to be replaced, blockages in the air ducts slowing down air flow, or even an issue with your attic not being sealed up enough for air to circulate properly and keep things comfortable.

Use static cling cloth for attic windows

Dust in the attic will cake up on the windows too, and it can be tough to get it off without making a mess with a bonus of a coughing fit. There are cloths that are specially made to pick up dust and hold onto it with the static cling nature of them, that way you won't just be knocking it into the air or ground and actually make a dent in cleaning. Using a small duster will also work for completely removing dust.


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