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Crawl Space Cleaning

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Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl Space | Attic Cleaning Anaheim, CA

You may not consider your crawl space very often, but it houses many important factors such as the pipes that run fresh water and cables that provide electricity! Learn how we can help keep those features safe by checking below.

Effective Mold Prevention

It’s common for mold to find its start in the crawl space thanks to rarely being checked out, and the environment being perfect for it if moisture gets in. Whether from a leaky pipe or otherwise, if even a small bit of moisture gets inside the area, mold can start to form. It’s dangerous for the wood structures that hold up the space, and for your family too. Hot air will rise and bring harmful spores with it. That’s why it’s best to let us inspect the area for any signs of a potential problem. We’ll check for poor ventilation, cracks, or any other issues that may let in moisture and help get them taken care of for you.

Extensive Rodent Proofing Services

Another potential risk to your crawl space is rodents, as they love to make themselves at home there. Not only will they rip up your insulation for nesting, but they also spread disease through waste and will gnaw on the wood too. The best way to avoid all of this is by ensuring your crawl space is proofed against them being able to get in to begin with! Our experts will go over the enter area for any cracks or holes that they might use to enter, even small ones as rodents can fit through anything their head does, and close them up. We use steel wool due to rodents being unable to gnaw through it, so you can be sure that your crawl space is safe!

Reliable Crawl Space Cleaning

Keeping your crawl space free of dust and debris is another great way to avoid mold or pest troubles! We use the finest equipment to completely clear out the area.

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