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Our experts provide you with the latest useful and informative solutions to questions that our customers have asked our team about attic cleaning, rodent proofing or decontamination, and our many other services. Scroll down below and check out our team's replies in our FAQ section.

Can you do attic air sealing?

Our experts are happy to provide attic air sealing services to help our customers save on their energy spending! Even with the best insulation installed in your attic, there are likely still cracks where air is able to escape. Even if it's a small amount that's getting out, it certainly adds up over time. Attic air sealing is a quick and easy step to cut those costs and save some money in the long run! Our technicians will get the leaks fixed in no time.

Can I perform mold prevention myself?

It is possible to inspect your attic for signs of potential mold growth, you would have to be careful and wear proper safety equipment to be safe. There is also an antimicrobial that we use to protect against mold growth that should be handled by professionals, as they know how best to apply it and where all the problem areas could be that you may miss due to inexperience. If there is any mold present, we would also be able to carefully remove it.

Can I install rodent proofing myself?

While it's certainly possible, your best bet at complete protection is to allow professionals to do it for you. We know where to look for the openings that rodents may be using, including hard to reach spots or ones that are seemingly covered by insulation or otherwise. We also know which holes are big enough for them to use. Even if it looks small to you, if the rodent's head can fit the rest of them will follow. Our materials are top quality too!


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