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Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing services | Attic Cleaning Anaheim, CA

The process of professionally rodent proofing the attic generally involves inspecting, sealing, and trapping. Once these aspects are done, it is up to the homeowner to apply sensible preventative measures. 

Inspecting And Sealing

Rats and mice can sneak through very small openings so a professional rodent proofing service technician will commence the process by performing a thorough inspection of the attic and the roof areas followed by sealing any identified entry points. Cracks and gaps in windows, and the space around pipes, ventilation and electrical cables, provide easy access. The insulation itself is often used as nesting material, so it is always advisable, if possible, to choose polyester or spray foam insulation over loose-fill fiberglass or cellulose. Once identified, the gaps are filled with a special safe substance such as caulking, or quick-drying concrete. Wire mesh might be applied to larger areas for added measure, as the rodents cannot chew through it. In addition, door sweeps can be attached to reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Humane Trapping, Removal And Cleaning

Once the area is sealed it is time for trapping the existing animals and removing them. Our experts use only humane and non-lethal traps, which we place in the attic, especially near the nesting areas, and in other strategic locations and escape routes. The rats and mice will be caught in the traps without harm and will then be carefully released into special areas far enough from residential environments to prevent re-infestation. We then clean and clear the affected area of all debris and remnants of the nest and nesting material, and decontaminate and remove all traces of feces and urine.

Ongoing Preventative Actions

Professional removal and rodent proofing are imperative to keeping your house rat and mouse free, but as a homeowner, you need to follow some basic principles of prevention to make your house undesirable to the pests. Keep the attic clean and tidy and reduce the presence of the material that might be used for building a nest. Keep the food in the kitchen inaccessible by storing everything in containers with tight lids including pet food. Remove trash and never leave crumbs on the kitchen table or the sink overnight. If you suspect that there is a rodent in the house, don’t wait. Call us immediately. Our team at Attic Cleaning Anaheim is ready to help whenever you need us.


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